Why We Use Natural Ingredients For Our Promotional Productse

Woman with natural make up

Promo Lipbalm is committed to using skin friendly ingredients chosen for their natural ability to soothe, heal and protect.

Natural Rich Moisturizers

Lipbalm sticks are made with natural rich moisturizers such as organic hemp oil and virgin olive oil, which help protect against the wind and the harsh drying effects of every day life.

Combination of Natural Elements

Out products use a combination of high-grade beeswax, enhanced with coconut oil which is highly prized for its benefits to the body.

Working hard to deliver the best quality

Both are non-greasy, paraben free formulations, for a healthy healing balm which is long lasting and perfect for every day use.

Present in most common promotional lipbalms are Petrolatum, Petroleum Jelly, Paraffin and Mineral Oil. These petroleum-based ingredients are derived from the same crude oil that is used to make gasoline and grease, often requiring harsh synthetic fragrances to mask their unpleasant odour. It is ironic that these substances are found in balms which are supposed to protect from the sun and prevent chapping because this un-natural combination of ingredients can cause problems when used on the skin.

These ingredients can actually be drying and an irritant to sensitive skin and lips.

Added protection from the sun can be achieved by using our SPF formulations.

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