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Such essential thing as lip protection is always up to date. Natural promo lip balm devised by Promo Lip Balm can pleasingly astonish you with many diverse variations, forms, and inner structures.

For instance, the producer is ready to advise you on organic modification of lip treatment. Its holder is made of natural components with a push-up mechanism for convenient handling has a vegan origin and is friendly to the environment. The absence of plastic material makes this product secure for your health condition. Safety is ensured with an FSC certificate.

A lightweight (only 12 gram), soft complex, and vanilla scent create the customized lip balm appealing as daily care to you. The great news is that you can rely on the durable life span – from 2 to 2, 5 years. The package is made of a carton having airy mass and is comfy for a rapid shipment. Only three weeks and you are the delighted owner of organic and pleasantly smelling promotional lip balm.

Following your marketing targets, you are always free to append the logo of your brand, applying particular stickers on the commodities. Ordering high-class products such as custom lip balms in sticks or tubes or round tin or even sphere, you become a content owner of the finest organic lip balms.

Lip balm in the form of an EOS sphere is able to share with you such fruitful elements as vitamin E, jojoba oil, and Shea butter. They give you an exceptional feeling of evenness and humidification of the skin. It is free of any harmful parabens, petrolatum, and gluten. The flavors’ diversity captures your imagination. You are willing to select from tangerine, blueberry, mint, raspberry, lemon, or grapefruit flavors. Lemon flavor has 15 SPH sun rays protection. Fresh grapefruit suggests the maximum safeguard among all flavors – 30 SPH.

We are honored to present you with a broad variety of our organic products for lip care. It is complicated to give a detailed review for all of them, so please do not hesitate to ask out our high-skilled staff or look through the respective info on the website.

Personalized Lip balm supplier

Please be so kind to purchase one simple sample before the whole production to be fully pleased with the quality of the goods. The capacity available for common order commonly starts from 250 or 300 items. You can purchase up to 2500 pieces. Please show the chosen amount in one online form. It is feasible on the website of our company. Please do not think twice as we ensure you are in top-rated service immediately after a short call to our support team.