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Promotional Lip Balm for Associations, Clubs and Organizations – great marketing and promotional ideas for associations, club membership promotions

You put so much into ensuring your members feel appreciated for their support, but how do you keep them interested and involved all year round? With branded promotional lip balm!

Your supporters will be reminded of how great it feels to be a part of your association, club or organization each time they use your branded promotional lip balm. And, seeing your association, club or organization name right there on the label will remind them to ensure they continue to support you all year round. What a great, cost effective way to keep your name…on their lips. You can thank your supporters with a special gift – a gesture that reflects your appreciation for their continued dedication. 

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Leave a lasting impression with your own Private Label promotional lip balm! Long after the events are over – each time they use your branded, promotional lip balm they will see your name and logo on the tube and with your contact information or website address right there on the promotional lip balm tube or tin – they’ll know exactly where to find you.

Associations, clubs and organizations throughout North America, UK and Europe use our Promotional Lip Balm, or Private Label Lip Balm as it’s sometime called, to thank their members for their support and keep them involved for years to come.

Your supporters will always feel appreciated when receiving this all natural lip balm promotional product. Our lip balm is not made from toxic petroleum like many other promotional lip balm products, so your patrons’ support and loyalty will be improved as they continue to enjoy high-quality, all natural promotional products branded with your association, club or organization name and logo.

So next time one of your supporters thanks you and your staff for all the hard work you do – imagine having a special gift at hand – a simple gesture of appreciation for their continued enthusiasm and support. Give us a call, or send us an email and we’ll get you started.