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82.6% of people can recall the company and brand on their promotional product

Promotional products work!

According to the 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI): 

  • Nearly 90 percent of consumers report owning either promotional writing instruments or promotional drinkware.
  • Recipients keep promotional items for an average of one year.
  • Many types of promo items generate thousands of impressions over their lifetime, with outerwear coming out on top at 6,100 impressions.
  • Even if recipients don’t want the promo item they’ve been given, 55 percent will give it away to someone else.
  • The average American household owns 30 promotional products.
  • Consumers under the age of 55 prefer promotional products over other forms of advertising.
  • Consumers are 2.5 times as likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products compared to online ads.

The same study revealed that consumers consider promotional products to be their most preferred method of advertising. In contrast, traditional online advertisers are facing new challenges in that consumers can fast forward through commercials while watching recorded shows or subscribe to commercial-free streaming services. 

The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) discovered in its 2018 Promotional Products Fact Sheet that:

  • Nearly 70 percent of brands think that promotional products are mostly or always successful at achieving marketing goals.
  • After receiving a promo product, 83 percent of consumers are more likely to do business with the brand, and 79 percent research the brand.
  • Eighty-two percent of consumers had a more favorable impression of the brand.
  • Ninety percent recall the branding, 80 percent recall the messaging, and 70 percent recall the call to action.

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